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I've traded stocks since 2001, and I've owned cannabis stocks since 2008. I discovered catalyst trading when ethanol replaced MTBE as a fuel additive in 2006. The cannabis industry has offered numerous trad-able catalyst events in the past, and will continue to do so into the future. Hemp and CBD legalization was just put through legislation by the House and Senate, and will soon be signed into law. These are the types of events catalyst trading attempts to capitalize on with maximum efficiency.

The Cannabis Industry and the Inevitable Pendulum Shift

Sentiment for the cannabis industry is at an all-time low. This has been driven by a long downtrend caused by a myriad of issues facing the industry; from oversupply in Canada to slow legislative movement in the US, the cannabis industry simply has had no news to cause the hype and hysteria which ensued back in 2017-2018. However, just as cannabis stocks (and their respective valuations) went well above and beyond anything that resembled reality, pessimism has now too gotten out of hand.

Congress Just Legalized Hemp: Buy the Rumor Sell the News? Not so Fast

Written by: Bill Cox 12/12/2018 The House has joined the Senate in passing the historic Farm Bill into law today, and effectively, they have Federally legalized hemp and CBD. It will become official with Trump's signature which could come as early as this week, or hopefully next week at the latest. The hemp industry is expected to [...]

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