“Unlike gambling, knowledge rather than luck makes the odds in the stock market.”

– Bill Cox

Chapters Detail

1. Learning the Catalyst Trade

“The beautiful thing about the stock market is that you don’t have to be a market guru to make serious money with it”

2. The Legislative Catalyst Cycle

“Understanding the legislative catalyst cycle is paramount for fully understanding the catalyst trade.”

3. Historical Example of the Legislative Catalyst Cycle

“Historical examples… are the best way to get the reader acquainted with high probability catalyst trading.”

4. Going to Pot

“The stars have aligned for an opportunity like none I’ve ever seen…”

5. Understanding the North American Cannabis Industry

“Since 2014, Congress has prevented the Department of Justice from using funds to prosecute state-legal medical marijuana transactions…”

6. Trading Strategy for the Impending Cannabis Catalysts

“Building a solid portfolio within the industry is top priority, then trading is secondary and learning will come naturally.”

7. Finding Capital

“There are practical changes one may make to more fully participate in this, or other, major catalyst events.”

8. Reefer Madness

“How could anyone be okay with dangerous and highly addictive opioid pills, yet draw the line at a safer alternative?”

9. Finding Future Catalysts

“The opportunities for high probability catalyst trades into the future are limitless.”

Latest News

The Cannabis Industry and the Inevitable Pendulum Shift

Sentiment for the cannabis industry is at an all-time low. This has been driven by a long downtrend caused by a myriad of issues facing the industry; from oversupply in Canada to slow legislative movement in the US, the cannabis industry simply has had no news to cause the hype and hysteria which ensued back in 2017-2018. However, just as cannabis stocks (and their respective valuations) went well above and beyond anything that resembled reality, pessimism has now too gotten out of hand.

Historic Legislation Pending for US Marijuana Market

No sooner did Jeff Sessions attempt to derail the cannabis industry than he inadvertently lit a fire under it. Session's action drew broad criticism from Congressmen and women across the board. In fact, there was virtually zero support for Session's action to rescind the Cole Memo.

Cannabis Stocks Call Session’s Bluff

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted at a shift in marijuana enforcement, just weeks after signalling he would continue Obama era policy regarding cannabis law. This series of flip flopping left cannabis industry activists and investors alike dazed and confused. Considering the market is a psychological beast, speculation seemed to favor a substantial move lower in cannabis stocks for both US and Canadian stocks in the days following Session's comments .

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