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Historic Legislation Pending for US Marijuana Market

No sooner did Jeff Sessions attempt to derail the cannabis industry than he inadvertently lit a fire under it. Session's action drew broad criticism from Congressmen and women across the board. In fact, there was virtually zero support for Session's action to rescind the Cole Memo.

Cannabis Stocks Call Session’s Bluff

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted at a shift in marijuana enforcement, just weeks after signalling he would continue Obama era policy regarding cannabis law. This series of flip flopping left cannabis industry activists and investors alike dazed and confused. Considering the market is a psychological beast, speculation seemed to favor a substantial move lower in cannabis stocks for both US and Canadian stocks in the days following Session's comments .

Game On for US Cannabis Stocks

However, [Sessions] changed his tune during today's congressional hearing where he conceded, "Obama-era guidance that allows states to legalize marijuana without federal interference remains in effect". Further he stated, "I believe we are bound by" a federal budget rider that bars the federal government from spending money to interfere with state medical cannabis laws." These statements were given under oath, so it isn't likely he will go back on his word any time soon.

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Canada’s Recreational Cannabis Market: Everything we Know is Wrong!

Canada’s Recreational Cannabis Market:  Everything we Know is Wrong! Understanding the size of a coming catalyst is paramount to successfully trading it.  Canada isn’t a very large country so many have argued their historic Federal legalization of recreational cannabis will not amount to much.  With a population similar to that of the single State of [...]

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What is Catalyst Trading?

Catalyst trading is one of many tools used to “crack the code” of profitable stock market endeavors.  The most basic aspect of catalyst trading is to foresee coming “hype” within a stock or industry, buy in advance, and sell into the exponential rise. 

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